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The magic ‘vertical’ has always been a spiritually distinctive preoccupation of architecture throughout history. The paper intends to examine, from a series of perspectives, if the high-rise in principle is a good thing. The focus is on urban design implications, however engineering challenges and their design solutions are inseparable aspects of the problematic. It is also to further demystify some ideologies still attached to their widespread application. It concludes that there is a new awareness evolving about high-rise design that is superior to previous approaches.


In the absence of any legal, political and institutional legitimacy, what can urban design do and how should future urban designers be educated? There appear to be as many questions in the subject as possible answers. However, in the last couple of decades a rather robust theoretical direction has been emerging, upon which a more responsive design practice and professional education can be placed. There is also an increasing international interest for urban design the developed and rapidly developing world. The aims of the paper are to inform, to illuminate and to provoke, including the interrogation of our own values, practices and preferences.



Jørn Utzon, the Danish architect genius would be 100 years old in 2018, and he passed away exactly 10 years ago. Although, he produced an unparalleled professional output (including a number of implemented projects, many not built plans and some writings) on five continents, he has remained relatively less known worldwide in general, and virtually unknown in Central and Eastern Europe in particular. The paper intends to salute his achievements with reviewing his life and professional carrier with some selected projects, including his ’brand’, his impact and some lessons for contemporary professional practice. It is largely based on my recent research that concludes in the publication of a monography, due in December 2018, in Hungary.