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Tadeusz Porębski, Sławomir Tomzik, Włodzimierz Ratajczak, Marzena Talma-Piwowar and Adam Koprowski

Reverse osmosis application in the recycling of zinc from the electroplating shop wastewater

The paper reveals the results of the research on the reverse osmosis recovery of zinc from galvanic electroplating. The pilot plant tests were performed in an electroplating shop. Raw washings were concentrated with a spiral wound 2.5x40" module with a composite polymeric membrane.

The research tests have proved that the proposed RO process enables successful concentration of the nonferrous metal in raw washings. The retentate of the RO process has contained about 96% of the metal previously wasted in washings discharged to the environment. The retentate can be recycled to the mother electroplating process. The permeate of the RO process can be recycled to the washing system of the electroplating shop.