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Bird Distribution in Biotopes of Open Agricaltural Lands in Breeding Season

Based on comparative analysis of the vegetation structure in fields of different crops and taking into account intensity of land cultivation and types of avifauna communities formed in these fields, we identified five groups of fields in the Left-Bank Polissya and Wood-and-Steppe zone of Ukraine. The greatest number of breeding species and the most abundant species are in the first group (cereals, flax, white mustard, and buckwheat). The largest total average density, the highest average density of breeding species with nesting of two characteristic species is typical for fields of the second group (rapeseed and peas). The smallest proportion of breeding birds and the large dominant proportion were seen in low crops and in dense closed crops (soybean, lupine), these values are slightly higher than those in fields of beet and potatoes.


In the paper [1] considered a new class of quaternionic mappings, so- called G-monogenic mappings. In this paper we prove analogues of classical integral theorems of the holomorphic function theory: the Cauchy integral theorems for surface and curvilinear integrals, and the Cauchy integral formula for G-monogenic mappings.