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Aneta Modzelewska, Krzysztof Stereńczak, Monika Mierczyk, Sylwia Maciuk, Radomir Bałazy and Tomasz Zawiła-Niedźwiecki


The main goal of this research is to shed further light on the sensitivity of the vegetation indices to spatial changes of stand parameters. The analysis was done within mountain forests in the Sudetes and the Beskids in southern Poland. Some 1327 stands were analysed with more than 70 percent of spruce contribution in the species composition. The response of selected vegetation indices was verified in relation to the alterations of spruce participation, stand height, volume, stand density and diameter. The following indices were analysed: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, Normalized Difference Red Edge Index, Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and Wide Dynamic Range Vegetation Index. Indices were calculated based on the Rapid Eye (Black Bridge) images. All the analysed stand characteristics influence the values of vegetation indices. In general: mean height, diameter at breast height, volume and spruce participation are the most negatively correlated with the indices. Density is a variable that, in general, cannot directly be used for indices correction, because it is hard to find any stable trend. NDRE is the most stable index for the analysis of stand characteristics.