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  • Author: Svetlana Volodarets x
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The study of phytoncide activity of biogenic volatile organic compounds of woody plants is one of the most important areas of research in plant ecology in urban lands. The aim of this work is to investigate the dependence of the phytoncide activity of some woody plant species from meteorological factors in the urban environment in the steppe zone of Ukraine. The objectives of the investigation were 28 species of trees and shrubs. The air temperature is indicated to be a major factor for drought-resistant and some medium drought-resistant species (Populus simonii Carrière, Armeniaca vulgaris L., Robinia pseudoacacia L., Acer pseudoplatanus L., Malus niedzwetzkyana Dieck). The phytoncide activity of low and medium drought-resistant species (Viburnum opulus L., Acer sacharinnum L.) depends on air humidity and total monthly precipitation. The obtained results make it possible to predict changes in the phytoncide activity of woody plants, when selecting the assortment of species for phyto-optimization of technogenic environment.