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Appreciation of Triaxiality Influence in Plastic Deformation Accompanying Ductile Rupture


In this paper, the authors propose a studying method for the deformation that appears before crack of ductile materials using the Lode parameter determined by the numerical calculation applied on simple models, verified in previous studies. In order to highlight the influence of the Lode parameter, the tests were performed at simple but also at compound tests. The necessity of these studies lies in the fact that the acknowledged models (the use of the integral J, the critical stress intensity factor Kc or the CPCD method) do not fully explain the phenomenon of deformation before breaking the elasto-plastic materials. The tests were imagined under the form of sets. Each set of tests was performed on smooth specimens and on specimens with a notch radius of 0.5, 2, 4 and 10 mm. Also, each set of tests was performed for pure tensile and combined tensile-torque test.

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