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Marek Grzegorzewski, Anna Swiatek, Stanislaw Oszczak, Adam Ciecko and Janusz Cwiklak


The Satellite Base Augmentation System (SBAS) - EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) has been certified for Safety of Life (SoL) service for aircraft navigation since 2nd of March 2011. Unfortunately for the territory of Poland, located at the edge of EGNOS service area, the quality of the service corrections are still not sufficient for aircraft navigation requirements. Years 2012 and 2013 are forecasted as a maximum of solar activity in a 11-year solar cycle. This time period will be the chance to perform the first tests for the EGNOS Safety of Life service quality in disturbed ionospheric conditions. During the previous maximum of solar activity, the storm on 30 October 2003 resulted in the inability to use WAAS corrections for more than 12 hours. This was caused by a very large gradient of disturbances and its’ very sharp boundaries - vertical TEC (VTEC) varied from ~ 40 to ~ 120 TECU (TEC units) within an hour (over ~ 150 km distance). These circumstances gave the opportunity to carry out the test flights to examine the navigation parameters obtained for EGNOS SoL service in disturbed ionospheric conditions. The paper presents project proposal of study and analyses of such fundamental navigation parameters as: accuracy of determined position, availability, continuity and integrity, determined for selected disturbances in relation to quiet conditions. It can give a possibility to estimate of the quality of EGNOS SoL service in Polish airspace during the different phases of flight and its resistance to critical ionospheric conditions.

Open access

Adam Ciećko, Marek Grzegorzewski, Stanisław Oszczak, Janusz Ćwiklak, Grzegorz Grunwald, Jan Balint and Stanislav Szabo


The first PBN approach procedures in Slovakia became operationally effective at Bratislava and Košice airports as of 5 February 2015. The article presents the results of EGNOS Safety-of-Life Service preliminary examination in eastern Slovakia, just before official introduction of these procedures. The practical examination includes static test and test flight made with Cessna plane taking off at the airport in Bidovce — LZBD (just 16 km from international airport in Košice) and passing a route along eastern border of Slovakia. In this region the performance of EGNOS could be unsatisfactory due to lack of RIMS stations to the east from there. The experiment was performed on October 13, 2014 in cooperation of the Air Force Academy in Deblin, the Department of Aviation of Technical University in Košice and University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.