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Przemysław Brzyski and Stanisław Fic


Subject and purpose of work: The raw materials which are the purpose of the current hemp cultivation (<0.2% THC) are fibre, seeds and shives. This study describes the characteristics the raw materials obtained from the industrial hemp and described in detail the possibilities of their applications in pulp and paper, textile, pharmaceutical, construction and food industries. Analysis of the issues: Hemp straw consists of a porous ligneous core, which may be cut into smaller pieces, called hemp shives and of the fibre around the core. Hemp cellulose is used to produce paper pulp or plastics. In the construction sector, hemp fibre is used to produce, among other things, thermal insulation materials. Hemp shives is used as a filler for a composite based on lime binder, which is used as a wall material with good hygrothermal conditions confirmed by proprietary research. Hemp seeds are used for the production of cooking oil. Hempseed oil is also used in the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. to produce skin creams. Conclusions: Raw materials obtained from industrial hemp have a variety of applications. Currently, new directions in hemp application are being sought and tested, like for example hemp lime composite and bio-composites. The positive environmental impact resulting from the cultivation of hemp should be the main reason for simplifying the procedures for the commencement of its cultivation in many countries, e.g. in Poland.