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Pre-Service Visual Arts Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Experiences of School Practice: A Case of National Teachers College in Uganda


The aim of this study was to describe and analyse the second year pre-service visual arts teachers’ perceptions of their experiences of school practice. School practice is a fundamental facet of all teacher preparation that strengthens one’s teaching competencies. Pre-service visual arts teachers in National Teacher Colleges (NTCs) in Uganda are trained as generalist on a two-year diploma program, leading to an award of a diploma in secondary education (DSE). During the entire training pre-service visual arts teachers are exposed to twelve weeks of school practice of which six weeks are done in year one and the remaining six weeks of school practice are done in their final second year. The study followed a quantitative research design where a self constructed questionnaire was administered to fifty pre-service visual arts teachers in one of the NTCs. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse the data collected through the questionnaires. Although the research revealed that pre-service visual arts teachers were satisfied with the general prior preparations for the actual teaching, they needed urgent support in using of a number of assessment strategies; accessing and using tools; selecting and using the most appropriate teaching methods and creating an effective learning environment. It was recommended that NTCs expose pre-service visual arts teachers to the ideal school environment that equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for effective teaching and adaptive skills for any teaching context while still at teacher colleges.

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