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In the present world, nuclear energy is a must need for various purposes. The main cause of nuclear energy is because of the increasing energy demand, which is not possible to provide by using convenient energy generation. Bangladesh is a lower income country and the energy sector is not so developed here though there is a very high demand for energy. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is the only one nuclear generation plant which can provide this kind of huge energy within a very short time. This paper mainly depicts the ins and outs of this plant and discusses it’s feasibility in Bangladesh. It also focuses on the worlds various power generation methods and comprises it with nuclear energy generation. A detailed technical brief is presented in this paper along with advantages, location selection, financial and environmental impacts. This will help researchers to do further researches about nuclear energy in Bangladesh.


Most of the people living in developing or less developed countries have limited earning to provide somehow their basic needs & usual staff. Carrying goods is a regular task in life & several products have been invented to minimize efforts in this purpose. But the product’s price & features are not optimum for the people of fewer earnings. Stair climbing cart is very useful for those houses where a lift is not available and goods have to be carried frequently upstairs. In this research, the mechanical design has been modified so that the manufacturing cost can be minimized. Finite element analysis has been performed upon the design to find out how the manufacturing cost can be reduced by making the design optimal for manufacturing cost and process. The result shows that the structural members should not be processed further because any tooling operation will require an extra machine as well as an extra cost. Only the wheels are possible to subject under optimization by reducing material as well as weight. This article will be a valuable asset for the mass manufacturers of this type of product.