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  • Author: Shashidhar N. Adarakatti x
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Synthesis, Structural and Electrical Studies of Li-Ni-Cu Nano Ferrites


Li-Ni ferrite has gained great scientific elicit owing to of its unparalleled properties and applications. The copper doped Li-Ni ferrite has been synthesized by sucrose method. The structure was characterized by X-ray diffraction, which has confirmed the formation of single-phase spinel structure. X-ray diffraction and FTIR data reveals the formation of cubic structure phase. Unit cell parameters vary with copper content; overall variation of the unit cell parameters obeys Vegard’s law. The main absorption bands of spinel ferrite have appeared through IR absorption spectra recorded in the range of 300–700 cm−1. The copper concentration dependence of lattice parameters obeys Vegard’s law. DC electrical resistivity of the prepared samples decreases with increasing in the temperature which shows the semiconducting behaviour of all nano ferrites. The most prominent influence copper doping on the electrical properties of Li-Ni ferrites has been reported.

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