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  • Author: Shanshan He x
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Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in Air-Jet Loom Main Nozzle


To improve airflow injection capacity of the main nozzle and decrease backflow phenomenon, a new main nozzle structure with two throats is designed. Negative pressure value and negative pressure zone length are first proposed evaluating the strength of backflow phenomenon. Commercial computational fluid dynamic (CFD) code “Fluent” is performed to simulate the flow field inside and outside the main nozzle. Exit velocity increases about 10 m/s in new main nozzle. Airflow core length of the new main nozzle is 35% higher than that of commonly used main nozzle. Smaller negative pressure value and shorter negative pressure zone length mean a weaker backflow phenomenon in the new main nozzle. Bigger air drag force indicates stronger weft insertion ability in the new main nozzle.

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