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Kookhyun Kim, Byung-Hee Kim, Tae-Muk Choi and Dae-Seung Cho


An approximate method based on an assumed mode method has been presented for the free vibration analysis of a rectangular plate with arbitrary edge constraints. In the presented method, natural frequencies and their mode shapes of the plate are calculated by solving an eigenvalue problem of a multi-degree-of-freedom system matrix equation derived by using Lagrange's equations of motion. Characteristic orthogonal polynomials having the property of Timoshenko beam functions which satisfies edge constraints corresponding to those of the objective plate are used. In order to examine the accuracy of the proposed method, numerical examples of the rectangular plates with various thicknesses and edge constraints have been presented. The results have shown good agreement with those of other methods such as an analytic solution, an approximate solution, and a finite element analysis

Open access

Soo-Hyeon Kim, Byung-Joon Seung, Seung-Hee Cho, Ha-Young Lim, Hee-Myung Park and Jung-Hyang Sur



p63 is a homologous molecule of p53 and was recently identified as playing important roles in several key cellular processes, including epithelial development and proliferation. Since then, several studies have demonstrated altered p63 expression in various cancers of epithelial origin. Canine perianal gland tumour is one of the most common skin neoplasms in dogs; however, the molecular characteristics of this tumour remain poorly understood. The objective of the present study was to analyse and compare the expression of p63 in canine perianal gland adenomas and carcinomas.

Material and Methods

Haematoxylin and eosin-stained slides were examined and immunohistochemistry was conducted for a total of 65 samples. Immunohistochemical data for p63 expressions were compared between groups using the Mann-Whitney U test.


The p63 expression level was increased in perianal gland carcinomas compared to that in the adenoma samples (P < 0.0001). The percentage of cells expressing p63 was higher in perianal gland carcinomas than in adenomas, although the intensity of immunostaining did not differ significantly between the two groups.


p63 is a candidate factor contributing to the malignant transformation and progression of canine perianal gland tumours.

Open access

Minho Chung, Hee Jun Lee, Yeon Cheol Kang, Woo-Bin Lim, Jeong Ho Kim, Jin Yeon Cho, Wanil Byun, Seung Jo Kim and Sung-Han Park


Dynamic buckling, also known as parametric resonance, is one of the dynamic instability phenomena which may lead to catastrophic failure of structures. It occurs when compressive dynamic loading is applied to the structures. Therefore it is essential to establish a reliable procedure to test and evaluate the dynamic buckling behaviors of structures, especially when the structure is designed to be utilized in compressive dynamic loading environment, such as supercavitating underwater vehicle. In the line of thought, a dynamic buckling test system is designed in this work. Using the test system, dynamic buckling tests including beam, plate, and stiffened plate are carried out, and the dynamic buckling characteristics of considered structures are investigated experimentally as well as theoretically and numerically