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  • Author: Semra Gül Tekeli x
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Improvement of Quality Characteristics of Gluten-Free Cookies with the Addition of Xanthan Gum


People suffering from the celiac disease have to apply a strict gluten-free diet because this is the only effective management. Unfortunately removal of gluten results in low quality for many cereal products. The aimof this study was to improve the technological and sensorial characteristics of gluten-free cookies (GFC) by using xanthan gum (XG). XG was added at 0-1-2-3 and 4% levels into gluten-free flour mixture prepared with corn starch, corn flour, rice starch and potato starch. Quality properties of GFC were compared with gluten-containing soft wheat flour cookies (SWFC). Incorporation of XG to GFC significantly affected various parameters such as; lightness, yellowness, hardness, fracturability and thickness of GFC were increased while redness, width and spread ratio were decreased. Moisture and water activity of GFC with no added XG were observed much lower than GFC with XG. Addition of XG to GFC also improved the sensorial scores significantly. The addition of xanthan gum was improved technological and sensorial quality characteristics of GFC and usage level of 3% XG resulted in these scores similar to that of a wheat SWFC.

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