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Hermeneutical Perspectives In Matei Vişniec’s Poetical Discourse


In Matei Vişniec’s literature, there is a gap between poetry and theater, which consists primarily on the ability of creating, in both species mentioned, areas or dramatic situations by using a parabolic or symbolic dimension of images. Matei Vişniec wrote poems that follow closely to the plays he wrote, which both his poems and plays including the same ingredients: the presence of characters, narrative situations, symbols, irony, and life seen as a complex spectacle. By using fantasy, the poet tends to transfer reality in a symbolic gap between the surface image and the depth image. Therefore, we will discuss two crucial aspects that involve the semnification of the theatrical dimension of look, by analysing a couple of important example of poems from his books and by consulting some critical point of views. In his poetry, we will find an interesting perspective of the so called the overturned look, which involves the relation of approaching and distancing between the surface image and the depth image. The first meaning of this dimension is to reveal a daily spectacle of life by presenting his apparently ordinary situations and people. In this case, the concept of mask will be discussed and its relation between essence and appearance. The second meaning involves the aspects that underline the loneliness and anxiety in the modern times.

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