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  • Author: Sanda Budea x
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This paper presents models/strategies for optimum performance of solar collector in closed loop systems. These models aim to maximize the obtained energy by thermal conversion of solar energy. The mass flow rate of the fluid from the primary circuit of the system is the control parameter. The semi empirical models and optimal control methods are in brief presented. The volume of the storage tank is important and the ratio Vs/Ac between this volume and area of the collectors is a key factor in appropriate sizing of the DHW system. Therefore, the paper establishes a relationship between this ratio and the mass flow rate of the fluid in the collector This paper also analyses the variation of the energetic performance (useful heat flux transferred to the storage tank, heat flux transferred to the water, water temperature in the storage tank) with the volume of the storage tank. Analysis was performed on an extensive set of meteorological data from Timisoara, Romania, with instantaneous data (measured at 15 seconds) for summer days, from July 2009, with different relative sunshine values, σ. Important differences have been observed between days with different stability levels - days more or less stable.