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New Species, New Synonym, and Additional Records of Gyrophaena (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae) from the Palaearctic Region. Glotov S. V. - Gyrophaena plutenkoi Glotov, sp. n. is described from Russia (Primorskiy Kray). New synonymy are proposed: Gyrophaena orientalis A. Strand, 1938 = = Gyrophaena transsylvanica Adam, 2008, syn. n. Lectotypes are designated for Gyrophaena fusicornis Eppelsheim, 1887 and Gyrophaena orientalis A. Strand, 1938. Gyrophaena cultellata Assing, 2009 is recorded from Ukraine and Gyrophaena taiwaspinosa Pace, 2007 from Russia (Primorskiy Kray) for the first time.


Rove Beetles of the Genera Agaricochara, Brachida, and Encephalus (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae) of Ukraine. Glotov S. V.Three genera, Agaricochara Kraatz, 1856, Brachida Mulsant et Rey, 1871, and Encephalus Stephens, 1832 represented in Ukrainian fauna by one species each are reviewed. Detailed diagnoses and descriptions, peculiarities of biology and geographical distribution are given for each species fnd genera. New synonymy is established: Brachida exigua (Heer, 1839) = Brachida kraatzii Hochhuth, 1872 syn. n.