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New Data on the Signal Flies of the Genus Platystoma (Diptera, Platystomatidae) in the Fauna of Iran

As a result of studies of the signal flies in Iran, 5 species of the genus Platystoma Meigen (P. chrysotoxum Hendel, P. dimidiatum Hendel, P. elegans Hendel, P. pubescens Loew and P. rufipes Meigen) are recorded for the first time for Iranian fauna.

A Review of Fruit Flies of the Genus Rhagoletis (Diptera, Tephritidae) of Iran and Bordering Countries, with the Key to Species

The genus Rhagoletis Loew includes many economically important pests of fleshy fruits. Six species of this genus occurring in Iran and bordering countries are briefly reviewed, and a key to species is provided. Rhagoletis flavicincta Enderlein is recorded for the first time from Iran.

New Data on the Subfamily Otitinae (Diptera, Ulidiidae) in the Fauna of Iran

As a result of studies on picture-wing flies of the subfamily Otitinae in 2008-2011, Ceroxys robusta (Loew), C. munda (Loew), Herina rivosecchii Merz, Melieria subapennina (Rondani) and Myennis octopunctata (Coquebert) are recorded for the first time from Iran, and H. rivosecchii is recorded for the first time from Asia.

The Fruit Flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) in Tehran Province, with New Records for Iranian Fauna

As the result of studies of the tephritid flies in Tehran Province (Iran) in 2008-2009, 38 species of 22 genera are found to occur in this region; altogether 47 species are listed; of them, 9 species and 2 genera (Chetostoma and Xyphosia) are recorded for the first time for Iranian fauna. In addition, Steptorrhamphus tuberosus is reported as a new host plant for Ensina sonchi.

Tephritis tridentata S. Korneyev and Mohamadzade Namin, sp. n. reared from the flower heads of Jurinea baissunensis Iljin in South-Eastern Kazakhstan, Western Turkmenistan and Southern Iran is described. It is similar to T. bardanae Schrank, T. dilacerata Loew, T. formosa Loew, T. kovalevi V. Korneyev et Kameneva, T. valida Loew and T. zernyi Hering in the widely brown wing pattern with two dark spots at apices of veins R4+5 and M (instead of apical fork) and three spots (two large hyaline and one small yellowish ) in cell r1, differing from all known species by having three brown bar-like crossbands in the posterior half of the wing (diffusely spotted in compared species)


Tephritis campana sp. n. collected on flowerheads of Cirsium sp. in Iran is described. The new species significantly differs from other known species of the genus by having a combination of unique wing pattern and aculeus structure. A key to the Palaearctic species similar to Tephritis cometa Loew is given.


The genus Hendrella Munro, 1938 hitherto was known to include 8 species occurring in the Palaearctic Region. All species of known biology are associated with Artemisia spp. (Asteraceae). An additional species with similar biology, H. kermanensis sp. n., recently discovered in Iran is described. It is very similar to H. caloptera in the coloration of antenna and femora, as well as presence of one hyaline spot in cell r1, but differs from it by the shape of the first flagellomere and also by the wing pattern details. Larvae of H. kermanensis sp. n. induce stem galls in Artemisia aucheri Boiss. of the tribe Anthemideae (Asteraceae).


Seven species of Campiglossa occurring in Iran are reviewed, Campiglossa grandinata (Rondani) is recorded for the first time from Iran (Fars Province) and Cichorium intybus L. (Asteraceae) recorded as a new host plant for Campiglossa producta. A key to species is provided.


A species, previously known from a short description based on the holotype lost in the bombing of Hamburg before description, T. kogardtauica Hering, 1944, was collected recently in great numbers in the Middle East, from Iran to Kyrgyzstan; it is redescribed, and the neotype is designated. Th e flies were found to infest flower heads of Inula stenocalathia (Rech. f.) Soldano, I. peacockiana (Aitch. & Hemsl.) Korovin, and I. grandis Schrenk ex Fisch. & C. A. Mey.


As a result of studies on fruit flies in Iran during 2013-2015, two genera (Eurasimona Korneyev & White 1991 and Inuromaesa Korneyev & White 1991) and eight species: Eurasimona stigma (Loew, 1840) Inuromaesa maura (Frauenfeld, 1857), Myopites inulaedyssentericae Blot, 1827, Oxyna flavipennis (Loew, 1846), Terellia ermolenkoi Korneyev, 1985, T. odontolophi Korneyev 1993, T. pseudovirens (Hering, 1940), and Euleia kovalevi (Korneyev 1991), are recorded for the first time from Iran. The host plants, collection data as well as general distribution and diagnostic characters of them are given. Detailed illustrated redescription for T. ermolenkoi previously known from a unique holotype male is provided. The presence of Noeeta pupillata (Fallén, 1814) in the fauna of Iran is confirmed.