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A Remark on Gupta, Gupta and Singh Optional Randomized Response Model


Gupta et al (2002) suggested an optional randomized response model under the assumption that the mean of the scrambling variable S is ‘unity’ [i.e. µs = 1]. This assumption limits the use of Gupta et al’s (2002) randomized response model. Keeping this in view we have suggested a modified optional randomized response model which can be used in practice without any supposition and restriction over the mean (µs) of the scrambling variables S. It has been shown that the estimator of the mean of the stigmatized variable based on the proposed optional randomized response sampling is more efficient than the Eicchorn and Hayre (1983) procedure and Gupta et al’s (2002) optional randomized technique when the mean of the scrambling S is larger than unity [i.e. µs > 1]. A numerical illustration is given in support of the present study.

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