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R. Haas, M. Sekido, T. Hobiger, T. Kondo, S. Kurihara, D. Tanimoto, K. Kokado, J. Wagner, J. Ritakari and A. Mujunen

Ultra-Rapid DUT1-Observations with E-VLBI

We give a short overview about the achievements of the Fennoscandian-Japanese ultra-rapid dUT1-project that was initiated in early 2007. The combination of real-time data transfer, near real-time data conversion and correlation, together with near-real time data analysis allows to determine dUT1 with a very low latency of less than 5 minutes after the end of a VLBI-session. The accuracy of these ultra-rapid dUT1-results is on the same order than the results of the standard rapid-service of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Frame Service (IERS). The ultra-rapid approach is currently extended to 24 hour sessions and is expected to become an important contribution for the future next generation VLBI system called VLBI2010.