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Microcontroller - Based System for Electrogastrography Monitoring Through Wireless Transmission

Electrogastrography (EGG) is a non-invasive method for recording the electrical activity of the stomach. This paper presents a system designed for monitoring the EGG physiological variables of a patient outside the hospital environment. The signal acquisition is achieved by means of an ambulatory system carried by the patient and connected to him through skin electrodes. The acquired signal is transmitted via the Bluetooth to a mobile phone where the data are stored into the memory and then transferred via the GSM network to the processing and diagnostic unit in the hospital. EGG is usually contaminated by artefacts and other signals, which are sometimes difficult to remove. We have used a neural network method for motion artefacts removal and biological signal separation.

Low-Cost Embedded Oximeter

Nowadays, many medical devices have been developed for the purposes of diagnosing and treatment. Wearable sensors and systems have evolved to the point that they can be considered ready for clinical application. The use of wearable monitoring devices that allow continuous or intermittent monitoring of physiological signals is critical for the advancement of both the diagnosis as well as treatment of diseases. Patient vital sign monitoring within hospitals requires the use of noninvasive sensors that are hardwired to bedside monitors. This paper describes the initial bench testing of a wireless wearable pulse oximeter. Arterial oxygen saturation in the patient's blood signal was measured with an optical sensor, and then converted to digital data using a microcontroller system. The digital data were then sent to a receiver where it is in 433 MHz FM/FSK transmitter. At the receiver, the digital data were reconverted to analog signal to be monitored and recorded on the PC.