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  • Author: Sławomir Roj-Rojewski x
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Sławomir Roj-Rojewski and Marek Walasek


The aim of the study was the recognition of profile structure and main physical properties of humus-rich endogley soils, which form muddy-alluvial habitats, and soils appearing together with them in a catena developed in the Upper Narew Valley near Sura¿. Plant communities growing on these soils were also recognized. Typological development of the analysed soils is clearly connected with microrelief of flood terrace, water conditions and vegetation cover. The most moisture positions taken by humus-rich endogley soils are overgrown by Glycerietum maximae community. Typic czernozemic alluvial and mucky-like soils with Phalaridetum arundinaceae community are found slightly higher. In the highest and the most dried parts of the analysed terrain mucky soils overgrown by plant community with domination of Alopecurus pratensis appears. Due to lower ash content physical properties of humus-rich endogley soils and peaty-like deposits considerably distinguish from properties of the other soils and deposits founded on the study area.