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São Vicente island (República de Cabo Verde) lies within the Sahelian zone and faces a number of natural hazards, of which the most significant ones are erosion and gully formation, desertification and flash flooding hazards. Based on examples, we set out to examine the main factors involved in the development of these natural hazards from a regional point of view, while simultaneously assessing the importance of anthropic action as a structural factor. The investigation of Lazareto’s gullies (located to the west of Mindelo) aimed to determine the main factors of the gullies formation. It also sought to demonstrate that the gullies’ formation is a reliable indicator of the high rates of erosion on a regional scale. The approach to the desertification hazards was based on farmers’ perception related to the evolution of agricultural production, strategies to mitigate drought and desertification issues, consequences and future prospects based on a set of interviews conducted in Ribeira da Vinha. Finally, the intense rainfall event that occurred on August 26, 2008 was analysed to identify the main vulnerability factors of the city in light of the flash flood hazard.


Exergames are consoles that require a higher physical effort to play when compared to traditional video games. Active video games, active gaming, interactive games, movement-controlled video games, exertion games, and exergaming are terms used to define the kinds of video games in which the exertion interface enables a new experience. Exergames have added a component of physical activity to the otherwise motionless video game environment and have the potential to contribute to physical education classes by supplementing the current activity options and increasing student enjoyment. The use of exergames in schools has already shown positive results in the past through their potential to fight obesity. As for the pedagogical aspects of exergames, they have attracted educators’ attention due to the large number of games and activities that can be incorporated into the curriculum. In this way, the school must consider the development of a new physical education curriculum in which the key to promoting healthy physical activity in children and youth is enjoyment, using video games as a tool. In this context, the aim is to conduct a brief review of the use of exergames in physical education curriculum, exploring school curriculum, digital culture, and motivation and enjoyment for the learning processes in the video game environment