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Ryszard Sroka

Application of Sensitivity Analysis to the Correction of Static Characteristics of a Phase Angle Modulator

The paper presents definitions and relative measures of the system sensitivity and sensitivity of its errors. The model of a real system and model of an ideal measuring system were introduced. It allows to determine the errors of the system. The paper presents also how to use the error sensitivity analysis carried out on the models of the measuring system to the correction of the nonlinearity error of its static characteristic. The corrective function is determined as a relation between the input variable of the tested system and its chosen parameter. The use of the proposed method has been presented on the example of a phase angle modulator. The obtained results have been compared with the results of analytic calculations. The idea of a phase angle modulator is also presented.

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Zbigniew Marszałek, Ryszard Sroka and Marek Stencel

A New Method of Inductive Sensor Impedance Measurement Applied to the Identification of Vehicle Parameters

Inductive loop sensors are widely used for detection of presence, measurement of parameters as well as classification of vehicles. Vehicle classification may be performed based on their magnetic profiles. The magnetic profile is a signal which is proportional to the resultant of an impedance change of the sensor, caused by the measured object (the changes are minor - of the order of 1%). Generator and bridge circuits are most commonly used as conditioning circuits for such sensors. As a result we can obtain one output signal proportional to total changes of sensor parameters (R and L). In this paper, a modified bridge circuit that allows independent measurement of the components (R and L) of the sensor's impedance, has been proposed. With that provided, it is possible to receive broader information on the object, which allows higher classification resolution. This paper provides the concept of a circuit, model testing results, processing algorithms used and the test results of a real circuit.

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Janusz Gajda, Ryszard Sroka, Tadeusz Zeglen and Piotr Burnos


The paper provides analysis of the influence of temperature on the error of weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems utilizing piezoelectric polymer load sensors. Results of tests of these sensors in a climatic chamber, as well as results of long-term tests at the WIM site, are presented. Different methods for correction of the influence of changes in temperature were assessed for their effectiveness and compared.

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Piotr Burnos, Janusz Gajda, Zbigniew Marszałek, Piotr Piwowar, Ryszard Sroka, Marek Stencel and Tadeusz Żegleń

Road Traffic Parameters Measuring System with Variable Structure

Systems of road traffic parameters measurement play a key role in the process of road traffic control, its supervision as well as in gathering and processing information for statistical purposes. Expectations of users of such systems mainly concern automation and provision of measurement continuity, possibility of selection of the measured road traffic parameters and high accuracy along with reliability of obtained results. In order to meet the requirements set for such systems, at the Department of Instrumentation and Measurement of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow a new prototype system of road traffic parameters measurement - Traffic-1 - has been constructed. The innovativeness of the solution is manifested in the structure of the system that can be modified by the user adequately to current measurement needs and in the used algorithms of signals processing. The work contains a brief description of the constructed system with particular focus on the used innovations that are the result of many years of research work of the designers.

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Urszula Bielczyk, Paweł Czarnota, Martin Kukwa, Lucyna Śliwa, Robert Kościelniak, Laura Betleja, Ryszard Kozik, Beata Krzewicka, Mariusz Hachułka, Edyta Adamska, Michał Węgrzyn, Dominika Bielec, Adam Flakus, Beata Guzow-Krzemińska, Katarzyna Kolanko, Joanna Kozik, Grzegorz Leśniański, Maja Lisowska, Magdalena Oset, Piotr Osyczka, Katarzyna Pietrzykowska-Urban, Anna Sadowska-Deś, Agnieszka Słaby, Elżbieta Studzińska-Sroka, Karina Wilk, Piotr T. Zaniewski and Daria Zarabska-Bożejewicz


The paper lists 337 species from Magurski National Park (MNP): 314 lichens, 18 lichenicolous fungi, four saprotrophic fungi and one lichenicolous myxomycete; 112 of them are new for MNP, 75 are reported for the first time for the Beskid Niski Mts, and two are new for Poland. Selected species are accompanied by taxonomic notes and remarks on their distribution in Poland and other Carpathian ranges. First records of Intralichen lichenicola, Burgoa angulosa and Verrucaria policensis and a second record of Epigloea urosperma are given for the whole Carpathian range, and Fuscidea arboricola was recorded for the first time in the Western Carpathians. Halecania viridescens and Mycomicrothelia confusa are new for the Polish Carpathians. The records of Absconditella pauxilla, Collema crispum, Licea parasitica and Rinodina griseosoralifera in MNP are their second known localities for the range. 93 species, mainly rare or threatened in Poland, were reported from MNP in the 20th century but were not refound.