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  • Author: Ryszard Malarski x
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This paper presents a concept for the identification of stable reference points used in horizontal control networks, which is based on the lengths of apparent displacement vectors and their mean errors. These vectors and their mean errors are obtained during the process of calculating displacements with free adjustment conditions. It will be shown that the influence of the apparent displacement vectors has a significant effect on the calculation of results. The identification of stable points, using the proposed method, is an integral part of the adjustment process and allows for the interrogation the influence of individual point inclusion or deletion from the reference database, on the values of displacements of controlled points. A detailed process of stable reference points identification is presented using the example of a linear-angular network for a barrage.


Geodetic engineering surveys are an important part of the works carried out by the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography, Warsaw University of Technology. These works concern measurement techniques as well as advanced result analysis methods applied in precise industrial surveys and in processes controlling object’s behaviour over time.

The thematic scope of research realised by Chair of Engineering Geodesy and Control-Measuring Systems shows that article related to geodetic engineering measurements and geodetic monitoring is carried out with high intensity, resulting in technological advancement and implementation of new or improved measurement solutions and methods of measurement result development.