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Gang Ma, Linru Jiang, Yixi Chen, Chenyue Dai and Rong Ju


The promotion and application of electric vehicles will contribute to the solution of several problems, such as energy shortage and environmental pollution, and the achievement of country economy and energy security. But a large-scale vehicle-to-grid system may cause adverse effects in the distribution network operation, the power network planning and such other parts. First, this paper collects the factors that influence the electric vehicle charging load and establishes the EV charging load model with a Monte-Carlo method. Then, we analyze the effect that the EV charging load made on the nodal voltage deviation under different permeability based on the IEEE30 node system. At last, this research gets the conclusion that the nodal voltage deviation is closely related to EV permeability, node type and node location. This research conclusion will provide practical guidance to the charging station planning.