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Volkhard Schroth, Olga Prenat, Natalia Vlasak and Roger Crelier


Many things interfere with good binocular vision in nowadays modern digital environment: long periods spent looking at screens and switching between different digital devices at short distances. Vision-related or asthenopic complaints such as headaches, tired and burning eyes or blurred vision can be experienced by many people. Prescribing prismatic correction for fixation disparity can help to reduce these symptoms. A new, highly innovative method for measuring and correcting fixation disparity has been developed - HOYA EyeGenius®. The HOYA EyeGenius® method includes the unique examination procedures, pre-tests and fixation disparity measurements at far and near distances. The pre-tests allow to include patients with asthenopic complaints only with normal binocular vision and exclude cases with abnormal binocular vision. The main innovation of EyeGenius is based on direct conversion of the fixation disparity value into a prism amount. Therefore, the trial prismatic lenses are not used during the test. The use of digital devices makes this method interactive and minimizes the influence of the examiner.