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Adam Charchalis, Robert Starosta and Wojciech Labuda

The Influence of Burnishing Parameters on the Roughness, Plastic Strain and Shape Deviations of Marine Pumps Crankshaft Pins in Fresh Water Installations

Angular momentum pumps are frequently applied in marine installations. Due to hard working conditions of these pumps, special corrosion wear resistant materials as well as the ones resistant to electrochemical corrosion caused by sea water are used for their production. In case of pump shafts the most frequent inefficiency is the pin wear (corrosive wear, friction wear and contact wear) in place of sealings assembly (throttle). Burnishing as finish plastic tooling method enables obtaining machine elements of proper technological quality. Bearing in mind numerous advantages of using burnishing, it is suggested to apply it instead of machining (finish turning, grinding, polishing) to the shafts of marine angular momentum pumps.

The burnishing process was carried out by SRMD single roll burnishing tool by Yamato. The object of the paper was to determine the influence of burnishing parameters and the number of burnishing tool passes on the improvement of roughness, plastic deformation and the shape deviation of marine pumps crank pins.