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  • Author: Renata Zarzycka-Bienias x
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The article presents difficulties in how to consciously construct questions in many ways. It seems to be essential in order to generate the need and willingness to get interested, delighted, fascinated and passionate. The author maintains that the competence of formulating right questions is useful in searching for inspiration and motivation, which results in creating new opportunities. It makes people aware of their mental resources and inspires them to search for more knowledge. A conclusion has been drawn that the contemporary people have been gradually losing the ability of asking questions. Therefore, in the modern world, as the author assures, wise men may be recognised by the questions they ask, and bright men by the replies.


Nowadays the media and investigative journalists take full responsibility for revealing and reporting many irregularities and notifying them to the public via common media. This is very important because the financial losses of investors due to the bankruptcies of the pyramids are significant. This weakens the public confidence in public administration responsible for law in the state. The authors of this article mainly say about responsible unmasking of illegal financial pyramids through the media in the context of social communication. The article provides clear recommendations for the media how to distinguish between a pyramid scheme and MLM. Such recommendations could increase the practical significance of the author’s research for the readers and protect them from illegal investments.