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  • Author: Rafał Hein x
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A Discrete-Continuous Method of Mechanical System Modelling


The paper describes a discrete-continuous method of dynamic system modelling. The presented approach is hybrid in its nature, as it combines the advantages of spatial discretization methods with those of continuous system modelling methods. In the proposed method, a three-dimensional system is discretised in two directions only, with the third direction remaining continuous. The thus obtained discrete-continuous model is described by a set of coupled partial differential equations, derived using the rigid finite element method (RFEM). For this purpose, firstly the general differential equations are written. Then these equations are converted into difference equations. The derived equations, expressed in matrix form, allow to create a global matrix for the whole system. They are solved using the distributed transfer function method. The proposed approach is illustrated with the examples of a simple beam fixed at both ends and a simply supported plate.

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