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R. Smoleński

Selected conducted electromagnetic interference issues in distributed power systems

This paper addresses the specific issues associated with electromagnetic compatibility that should be taken into account at the developmental stage of distributed systems. The main aim is to establish how far conducted interferences can penetrate the electric grid and how the group of converters, which individually meet EMC standards, influence the mains supply. The measured results of the spread of electromagnetic interference (EMI) current over a typical local electric grid and the low and medium voltage side of the power transformer are presented. The commonly applied, in distributed power systems, four-quadrant converter has been used as a test interference source. The limitations in the applicability of standardized methods for evaluation of aggregated conducted interferences have been presented in a system consisting of a group of two-quadrant frequency converter drives.

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J. Bojarski, R. Smolenski, P. Lezynski and Z. Sadowski


The assurance of the electromagnetic compatibility of sensitive smart metering systems and power electronic converters, which introduce high-level electromagnetic interference is important factor conditioning reliable operation of up to date power systems. Presented experimental results have shown that currently binding, frequency domain tests are ineffective for the evaluation of data transmission error hazards. The proposed in this paper mathematical, time-domain model, based on Diophantine equation, enables evaluation of data transmission errors caused by interference introduced by DC-DC power electronic interfaces with deterministic modulation. In the paper there have been presented possible application areas for the proposed model.

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R. Smoleński, M. Jarnut, G. Benysek and A. Kempski

CM voltage compensation in AC/DC/AC interfaces for smart grids

In this paper the results of research connected with common mode (CM) interference generated by four-quadrant frequency converters and effective methods of CM voltage compensation are presented. The obtained results show that conducted CM interference generated by these converters in a low voltage (LV) grid can be transferred by means of parasitic couplings into a medium voltage (MV) network and can be observed at distant points under overhead MV lines. The compensation of the CM voltage sources on both the input and the output sides of the AC/DC/AC converter using proposed arrangement of compensators significantly reduces unwanted, EMC related, side effects accompanying the application of AC/DC/AC interfaces in Smart Grids.