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Alexandr Pavlovich Rasnitsyn - 75th birthday


Here we describe a new aphid genus and species Wojciechaphis andrei gen. et sp. nov. belonging to the extant family Drepanosiphidae, also known from Baltic amber (Eocene). The first adult apterous viviparous female of Mengeaphis glandulosa (Menge, 1856) is described too.


The paper presents a comprehensive compilation of 764 taxa (species and subspecies), distributed over 167 genera, belonging to 17 subfamilies, three families and three superfamilies of Aphidomorpha recorded to date from Poland. The systematic positions of 19 taxa have been revised in accordance with recent changes in nomenclature. The presence in the Polish aphidofauna of Drepanosiphum oregonensis and Coloradoa huculaki, previously included without any distribution data in checklists of Polish aphids, has been confirmed. One species Sitobion (Sitobion) alopecuri is recognized as being new to Poland. At least 44 species (6% of local fauna of Aphidomorpha) are alien to Poland; among them 11 species collected from plants imported or cultivated in indoor conditions are listed.