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Peter Kačúr


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the influence of coaches` communication discourse determined by educational program Mastery Approach to Coaching (MAC) on changes of players` level of pre-competitive anxiety and self-esteem. The research was applied on 10 coaches of collective sports and 161 players. For diagnosing, the level of cognitive, somatic anxiety and selfesteem was used standardized questionnaire CSAI-2R. Players of experimental group decreased level of intensity of cognitive (p = 0.004) and somatic anxiety as well as frequency and increased level of selfesteem intensity (p = 0.021) and frequency during intervention period. After three months’ experiment period players of experimental group experienced lower intensity (p = 0.000) and frequency of cognitive anxiety as well as lower intensity (p = 0.012) and frequency (p = 0.037) of somatic anxiety than players in control group. Players of experimental group perceived direction of self-esteem intrusions (p = 0.041) as well as intrusions of cognitive and somatic anxiety more positively than players of control group after intervention period.

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Ján Junger, Peter Kačúr, Lenka Tlučáková, Pavol Čech and Viera Bebčáková


Purpose. Increasing energy intake and decreasing movement performance are among the greatest population issues of mankind. Risk elimination consists in returning to physically active way of life. The aim of the paper was to analyse the physical activity of female in selected secondary schools in the Presov district region, Slovakia, from the point of view of physical activity recommendations fulfilment. Methods. The research group consisted of 353 female students from 14 selected secondary schools in the Presov district region. The students were distributed in four groups according to age (15-18 years). Results. More than half of the studied females did not perform movement activity of medium or high intensity. The highest percentage of success rate in the criteria fulfilment was achieved by females of all age categories in walking 5 times per week for the minimum of 30 minutes (W 5 × 30). Only 44.3% of the students aged 15 years and up to 70.8% of those at the age of 18 met at least one criterion of the physical activity recommendations. Conclusions. As for physical activity recommendations fulfilment, the most successful criterion was performing physical activity regardless of its intensity. Physical activity recommendations seem to be very hard to implement in this age category, especially those concerning intense physical activity.