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Waste Management Integration with Green Quality Function Deployment (G-QFD) for Healthcare Centre


High doses of medical waste evidence that health waste management is problematic. A case study was conducted at various health institutions. This research analyzes various issues in the area of medical waste management. The research examines the perception of staff regarding medical waste management. The purpose of the study is to investigate the level of knowledge, attitudes and role of health practitioners in the management of medical waste.

Here the quality index and the environmental index of two health centers are studied; one is a private hospital and the other one a state hospital and compares these two indices with a questionnaire.

To provide environmentally friendly services, customers and environmental criteria have to be taken into account in the decision-making process and distributing the Green Quality Function provides a very useful way to achieve this goal.

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Analysis of Gap Measurement of Various Dimensions of SERVAQUAL Model in context to Indian Banks


To improve the reputation and customer loyalty, a benchmarking analysis is being carried out, which influences the perception of the service quality for banks. With the expansion of competitive interactions, the results can serve as a strategic tool to gain competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. Banks reveal the expectations and expectations of customers regarding the quality of selected services. The process creates and expands its reputation and builds customer loyalty. This research aims to compare the perception of the quality of four leading banks with logical comparisons.

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