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  • Author: Pavlo Prysyazhnyuk x
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The overall study objection is selection and optimization all available thermodynamic data required for using calculation of phase diagram (CALPHAD) technique within the Fe-C-Cr-Mn-Si-Ti system. Such data collected in the thermodynamic database can be used for predicting the phase constitution states of a given composition for Fe-based hardfacing materials, which often use in energy industry in order to increase the abrasion and impact wear resistance of equipment parts. In order to compare theroretical calculation results with experimental data, four different types of hardfacing were deposited using flux-cored arc welding. Microstructure and chemical composition of deposited layers was investigated using optical and scanning electron microscopy together with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. Comparison of experimental and computed results shows that they are in good agreement in meaning of presence of all-important phase equilibrium regions. The developed database can be used for rational selection of hardfacing materials for energy industry equipment and reasonable choice of new alloying systems.