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Dynamic Management of Occupational Health and Safety Processes in Integrated Business Information Systems


Currently operating enterprises are more and more willing to adopt a process approach in their structures. The process approach means the transition from traditionally understood management towards adapting to constantly changing environmental conditions. This change is accompanied by the possibility of using a wide range of tools of ICT technology, that allow modelling of any type of process occurring in the enterprise, including processes related to OHS. Thus, the objective of the paper is to indicate the opportunity for the integration of OHS processes with other processes (primary and auxiliary) of the organization using ERP systems. In the first part of the study, there will be indicated the determinants of the development of the process approach in modern enterprises. Subsequently, there will be characterized OHS processes against the background of other processes of the organization. In the third part, there will be indicated the most significant features of ERP systems. The last part will refer to the practical implementation of the process in the area of OHS in the Macrologic Merit system.

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Information Management and Companies’ Logistics Cooperation


Cooperation, regardless of its nature or involvement degree, is one of the most important factors determining the companies’ success on a dynamic market. This is caused by the need to quick adaption to changes. Using the opportunities and avoid risks is a daily task of top management.

The cooperation allows the use the capital of everyone participant involved in the process. It is thus a factor directly influencing the process of gaining the competitive advantage. Each event market, including any change, can be seen in terms of the information aspect. Collaboration at any stage is also an information process. As well as company management. It can be said that the cooperation of companies focused on success, depends on the efficiency of information management.

The aim of the article is to realize the complexity of information management. It is also awareness of the need for a comprehensive and integrated approach to the issue of information in the life of the company.

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