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P. Tabaka and P. Rozga


This article presents considerations on the assessment of marking LED sources with the power of an equivalent light bulb. This problem was studied both on the basis of calculations and measurements performed. 17 LEDs of different powers and luminous fluxes were tested. Calculations assessing conformity with the declared power showed that an important disadvantage for most of the LED sources results from the method of marking them with the power of an equivalent light bulb from the point of view of the luminous flux emitted. Manufacturers do not do this correctly, misleading the potential user. Meanwhile, measurements performed in different ambient temperatures indicated that for only 4 from among the 13 LED sources studied the given value of the power of an equivalent light bulb may be recognized as in accordance with the actual state of affairs and still with a reservation that specified ambient temperature shall be required. In other cases the values of power quoted are either understated or overstated.