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L. Socha, K. Michalek, J. Bažan, K. Gryc, P. Machovčák, A. Opler and P. Styrnal


This paper presents the industrial results of evaluation of efficiency of synthetic slags during the treatment of steel at the equipment of the secondary metallurgy under conditions of the steel plant VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s. The aim of the heats was to assess the influence of the briquetted and sintered synthetic slags based on Al2O3 aiming the course of the steel desulphurization and slag regime during the production and treatment of steel grade 42CrMo4 with the technology EAF→LF→ VD. Within the plant experiments, basic parameters influencing the steel desulphurization and slag regime were monitored: desulphurization degree, basicity, content of easily reducible oxides, proportion of CaO/Al2O3 and Mannesmann’s index. Obtained results allowed to compare the steel desulphurization and to evaluate the slag regime. It was proved that the synthetic slag presenting the briquetted mixture of secondary corundum raw materials can adequately replace the synthetic slag created from the sintered mixture of natural raw materials.