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K.V. Prasad, P. Mallikarjun and H. Vaidya


The effect of thermal radiation and viscous dissipation on a combined free and forced convective flow in a vertical channel is investigated for a fully developed flow regime. Boussinesq and Roseseland approximations are considered in the modeling of the conduction radiation heat transfer with thermal boundary conditions (isothermal-thermal, isoflux-thermal, and isothermal-flux). The coupled nonlinear governing equations are also solved analytically using the Differential Transform Method (DTM) and regular perturbation method (PM). The results are analyzed graphically for various governing parameters such as the mixed convection parameter, radiation parameter, Brinkman number and perturbation parameter for equal and different wall temperatures. It is found that the viscous dissipation enhances the flow reversal in the case of a downward flow while it counters the flow in the case of an upward flow. A comparison of the Differential Transform Method (DTM) and regular perturbation method (PM) methods shows the versatility of the Differential Transform Method (DTM). The skin friction and the wall temperature gradient are presented for different values of the physical parameters and the salient features are analyzed.