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Veronika Hrytsku and Olga Danilova


Development of ecological network of different taxonomic ranks is a weighty contribution to regional sustainable development. It proved to be among the most efficient ways to help preserve biological and landscape diversity. National eco-network in Ukraine is being formed alongside with European network. However, its development in this country is connected with certain problems existing on both national and local levels. Our analysis of national eco-network’s present-day state showed that Ukraine is rather successful in the concept’s realization. The network’s territory dynamically increases; legal and regulatory framework and methodical/applied approaches are being developed; and neighboring states are closely and intensely cooperated with in questions of formation of econetwork elements within boundary territories. However, the major goal - formation of eco-network as an integral system with its maximally possible continuity and inter-linkage of component elements - has not yet been achieved. The situation is explained by a number of problems occurring in juridical, economic and organizational spaces.