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Pharmacologic modulation of experimentally induced allergic asthma

Allergic asthma is the most frequent disease of the respiratory tract. The aim of the current experimental and clinical studies was to find new sources of drugs able to control asthmatic inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness. Our experimental studies were focused on efficiency evaluation of substances able to influence activities of ion channels, phosphodiesterase (PDE) isoforms, substances from the group of polyphenols and NO metabolism modulators during experimentally induced allergic asthma.


Intelligent innovation represents any autonomic change with positive impact to the customer. They increase the comfort of the customer and concurrently they represent more effective, more economical, healthier and safer solution. This term is not so usual in Slovakia, however intelligent innovation are present on the market. For that in the article intelligent innovation assessment, we focused on intelligent and active packaging, the occurrence of which we have mostly noticed on the Slovak market. The paper deals with the evaluation of the perception of packaging innovations by using the Kano model. According to research results, intelligent and active packaging influence customers and therefore constitutes a tool of competitiveness in Slovakia. However, considering the specification of their requirements, the degree of impact is very variable and specific to customers of different gender and age.


The research of new active and intelligent features has shown huge potential to optimise the supply chain and enhance consumer consciousness of food utilisation. The paper deals with the evaluation of the perception of intelligent packaging in Slovakia as ecological innovations through the Kano model. It focuses on to analysis the perception of different intelligent packaging features. The results indicate that customers‟ awareness of intelligent packaging is still at a very low level in Slovakia.