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Saba Manzoor, Nisar Fatima, Akhlaq Ahmad Bhatti and Akbar Ali


The first Zagreb index (occurred in an approximate formula of total π-electron energy, communicated in 1972) and the second Zagreb index (appeared in 1975, within the study of molecular branching) are among the most studied topological indices. Recently, three modified versions of the Zagreb indices were proposed independently in [A. Ali, N. Trinajstić, A novel/old modification of the first Zagreb index, arXiv:1705.10430 [math.CO], 2017] and [A. M. Naji, N. D. Soner, I. Gutman, On leap Zagreb indices of graphs, Commun. Comb. Optim., 2017, 2, 99–117], which were named as the Zagreb connection indices and the leap Zagreb indices, respectively. In this paper, we derive formulas for calculating these modified versions of the Zagreb indices of four well known nanostructures.