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Institutional Problems of Regional Development in Russia

The paper presents problems of spatial policy in Russia related to the formation of institutional conditions for regional development. Development institutions are characterised in terms of three functional groups. Distributive institutions reallocate funds between regions and they are the main subject of research on development factors. Problems of the redistribution sphere include losses of regions and municipalities in rental payments and household incomes. Transformational institutions contribute to the transformation of income into investment, and their effectiveness depends upon the quality of human capital and forms of relationships in local and regional communities. Organising institutions are usually formed by the state to arrange and stimulate the implementation of measures determined by the state regional development policy. The programme of economic and social development of Siberia is analysed as an example of institutional framework construction. The role of informal norms in institutional environment development is stressed.

State Strategic Planning and Spatial Development in the Siberian Regions

The paper presents an analysis of the influence of strategic planning projects on the socio-economic development of the Siberian regions of Russia. Zoning for strategic planning is now based on the market principle rather than the production one, as used to be the case during the Soviet period. The dynamics of intra-regional migration flows during the period of implementation of major industrial projects shows an absence of spatial correlation among those processes. The existing institutional framework for regional development does not contribute to the achievement of the main strategic objectives. The economy of the regions remains underinvested and tends towards simplification. An increasing dependence on foreign Asian markets should be taken into account when developing new strategic plans.