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Sialolipoma affecting the salivary glands is an uncommon lipoma variant composed of mature adipose tissue mixed with acinar, ductal, basal and myoepithelial cells of normal salivary gland. It has a wide age range at presentation. Generally, the major gland has male predilection while the minor gland has a female preponderance. A diagnostic workup requires CT or MRI to define the exact location and texture of the lesion. Surgical excision is recommended when the tumor progressively increases in size. Prognosis is good whereby no malignant transformation or recurrences has been reported.


Background: Neisseria gonorrohoeae is an exclusive human pathogen that primarily infects the urogenital epithelia. Infections caused by N. gonorrhoeae are considered the second major cause of sexually transmitted disease after Chlamydiae worldwide. Although the urethra and the uterine cervix serve as the initial sites for gonococcal infections in men and women, infection of the conjunctiva, pharynx, tendons, joints, as well as rectal mucosa are also reported. Objectives: The objectives of this study were to introduce molecular techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect N. gonorrhoeae directly from endocervical swabs. In addition, it provides a picture of Neisseria gonorrohea infection among a sample of Palestinian women in West Bank. Methods: Two hundred and thirteen endocervical swabs were collected from sexually active married women with endocervical abnormalities attending healthcare clinics. DNA was extracted directly from the swabs and PCR was performed using specific primers targeting the orf1 region of the genome. Results: The results obtained indicated that the percentage of positive cases of N. gonorrhoeae among the women tested was 1.40%. Conclusion: Implementing guidelines for comprehensive screening of men and women with more sensitive tests may improve detection and management of sexually transmitted infections.