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Jarosław Chmielewski, Jarosław Pobereżny, Magdalena Florek-Łuszczki, Ilona Żeber-Dzikowska and Monika Szpringer


Sosnowsky’s hogweed was brought to Poland as a silage plant for cattle in the mid-20th century from the Caucasus. It was grown mainly in National Farms. However, the hogweed quickly spread across the natural environment. It is a highly invasive plant and possesses strong burning qualities. Every year many people suffer from its burns. The hogweed is also dangerous for animals. Being an invasive species, it displaces natural plant species of the native flora. It can threaten the flora and landscape of a particular area. The aim of the article is to present the problem including the frequency of occurrence of Sosnowsky’s hogweed in Poland, to show the negative effects for human health and the methods to fight it in its habitat.