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Collision between a migrating lesser spotted eagle (Clanga pomarina) and an aircraft as detailed by fine-scale GSM-GPS telemetry data


We tracked a breeding adult female lesser spotted eagle (Clanga pomarina) from Germany using GPS technology, and provide details of her collision with a small aircraft at Rzeszów (SE Poland) during April 2016, when she was migrating towards her breeding territory. The ultimate fate of the bird was not established until the tag was found by chance and the data were recovered. Bird strikes are a global problem with sometimes lethal consequences for animals and people. This account highlights the way technology allows us to closely monitor events during bird migration, and document human-raptor interactions. The collision illustrates how food availability might affect bird-strike risk, and indicates that removing animal carcasses from the vicinity of airports could reduce that risk. We discuss the data in relation to risks faced by lesser spotted eagles (and other soaring birds) of collision with aircraft, especially along flyways during migration seasons.

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