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Mateusz Kania and Piotr Gruba


The study was focused on the application of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) as a tool for evaluation of selected properties of forest soils. We analysed 144 soil samples from the topsoil of nine plots located in southern Poland. Six plots were established under pine stands, and three plots under oak stands. The NIR measurements were performed using Antharis II FT scanner. On the basis of the spectrum files obtained from scanning of 96 samples and the measurement results obtained for selected properties of the soil samples, we developed a calibration model. The model was validated using 48 independent samples. We attempted to estimate the following properties of forest soils: pH, C:N ratio, the organic carbon content (Ct), total nitrogen (Nt), clay content (Clay), base cation content (BC), cation exchange capacity (CEC) and total acidity (TA). We conclude that estimation of soil properties using NIR method can be applied as additional (to laboratory analysis) or initial assessment of soil quality. Our results also suggest that forest species composition may affect the mathematical model applied to NIR spectra analysis, however, this hypothesis needs some of further investigations.