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Status of Ion Beam Modification and Analysis of Materials at STU MTF


The new Ion Beam Centre (IBC) equipped with 6 MV tandem ion accelerator and 500 kV ion implanter systems was built at the Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology (STU MTF). The facility provides Ion Beam Modification of Materials (IBMM) and Ion Beam Analysis (IBA), which includes Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS), Particle Induced X-ray Analysis (PIXE), Elastic Recoil Spectrometry (ERDA) and Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA). Presented are selected experimental procedures carried out in the IBC during the first year of operation. They present examples of a typical IBA performed, such as thin film characterisation in nm to tens of µm range, elemental depth profiles and sensitivity to the light elements enhancement by non-Rutherford cross-section regime application along with the crystalline sample channelling spectra and boron content measurement.

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