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Marija Knežević

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Marija Majer, Željka Knežević and Miljanić Saveta


Although ionising radiation has proven beneficial in the diagnosis and therapy of a number of diseases, one should keep in mind that irradiating healthy tissue may increase the risk of cancer. In order to justify an exposure to radiation, both the benefits and the risks must be evaluated and compared. The deleterious effects of medium and high doses are well known, but it is much less clear what effects arise from low doses (below 0.1 Gy), which is why such risk estimates are extremely important. This review presents the current state, important assumptions and steps being made in deriving cancer risk estimates for low dose exposures.

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Marija Knezevic-Pogancev, Nebojsa Jovic and Aleksandra Stojadinovic


AIM: Purpose of the study was to recognize specific migraine triggers in adolescents.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Study was conducted on 20,917 adolescents in Serbia.

RESULTS: Lack of sleep, passive tobacco smoking, alcohol intakes, and "not eating in time" are triggers that provoke migraine in adolescents.

CONCLUSION: Avoiding migraine triggers in 68% of adolescents reduced drug therapy for 75%.