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The article discusses the benefits of the implementation of the Industry 4.0, focusing on the logistics management and decision-making of business managers. The obtained data and conclusions are evaluated qualitatively. Modern technologies have a significant impact on the lives of people and businesses today. This trend is mainly supported by advances in information and communication technologies. ICT technologies are now more accessible and smarter than ever before. This creates new opportunities and opportunities to improve business processes at enterprise level. ICT potential is also an option to generate more data thanks to devices and sensors in Industry 4.0. This data has a potentially important information value for the pony, especially in the decision-making process. The Industry 4.0 has been able to digitize the enterprise through several new technologies and their interconnection. Following the results obtained from this research study, it can be concluded that, based on acquired information through such a digital concept, Industry 4.0 can improve logistics and decision-making processes, and ultimately, the overall performance and prosperity of the enterprise. The Industry 4.0 is now creating an opportunity for businesses to digitize business operations at all levels of management.